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4월 15th 2014 반응 346개

♡ #남주4MyLove ♡

(출처: pinkeupandas)

#namjoo #kim namjoo #happy birthday #namjoo! #apink #a pink #남주4MyLove
4월 15th 2014 반응 553개

04.15 happy 19th birthday to apink’s resident sexy, dimpled, and funny reaction queen. this year i hope you get to show the world more of your overflowing charms. ♡

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#namjoo #kim namjoo #happy birthday #namjoo! #apink #a pink #남주4MyLove
4월 14th 2014 반응 17개


I ship BaekJi. I think they fit each other perfectly and are very similar.


#baekhyun #eunji #baekji #confession #eapnkconfession #eapnk:requested #admin jessica
4월 14th 2014 반응 24개


I ship Sehun and Hayoung and I don’t regret a thing.


#sehun #hayoung #seyoung #confession #eapnkconfession #eapnk:requested #admin jessica
4월 14th 2014 반응 25개


I want to see Sehun and Hayoung as main characters on a teen drama or MV.


#sehun #hayoung #seyoung #confession #eapnkconfession #eapnk:requested #admin jessica
4월 12th 2014 반응 543개

Dear Sehun,

Time has flown by quickly hasn’t it? You’re already 21 my dear and I feel like you’ve grown so much in the past 2 years.

From day 1 I will admit, I couldn’t take my eyes off of you and for some strange reason I decided to make you my bias, wow what a great choice that was. No but really, it was probably one of the best decisions of my life and that is saying a lot because I don’t usually make very good choices. However, I can easily say that my choice to stick by you all this time has changed me in so many ways, it’s not only made my life a lot more worth living for, but you’ve gotten me through a lot and I thank you endlessly for that. I look up to you and admire all your strength. Without you in my life I have no idea what I’d be doing at this point in time, but now that you’re in it I can’t imagine what life would be like if I had it any other way.

Through every era you have continued to surprise me, growing not only as an idol but as a person too and in my eyes you will always shine brighter than all the stars in the universe put together. Despite the fact that you get me so emotionally worked up most of the time, I have come to accept that it’s all worth it because in the end, to me you’re the most perfect boy in existence and all I wish is that every day your smile will grow even bigger and that you stay happy no matter what life brings. No doubt, you’ll have many ups and downs, but I know one thing for sure and it is that I will stand by you and support you no matter what because I believe that you are such a wonderful and caring person with a huge heart.

You’re no longer that awkward little boy with a lisp that I once knew Sehun. You’ve become a man and you’ve matured so, so much and it warms my heart to see you grow little by little everyday both on the inside and out. I wish you knew how proud not only I am, but all of your fans are of you because you deserve nothing more than all the love in the world and I thank the universe every day for blessing this earth with an angel like you. I don’t know what else to do but thank you my love, my sun and my stars, my everything. I love you so much bubby. ♡♡♡♡♡

- Lots of love, Belle xoxo

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#sehun #oh sehun #happy birthday #sehun! #exo #exo k #happysehunday
4월 12th 2014 반응 1,098개

No big words, no long paragraphs are needed to express how much you mean to me. I was never good with words, anyway.

Just a simple thank you for being the cause of most of my smiles, for giving me a reason to look forward to every day. Thank you for working so, so hard, and thank you for just being you.

"I love you" is extremely cliched, but you mean more than the universe to me and I hope you can celebrate every day regardless of the date because you deserve the world.

To me, you are the world.

Happy birthday, beautiful boy. ♡

(출처: sehunphobia, sehduction에서)

#sehun #oh sehun #happy birthday #sehun! #exo #exo k #happysehunday
4월 10th 2014 반응 13개


I ship Namjoo with Chanyeol and Chen.


#chanyeol #chen #namjoo #chanjoo #chenjoo #ot3 #confession #eapnkconfession #eapnk:requested #admin jessica