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익명 회원
Annyeong admins!! :)) I just wanted to ask, where did you edit your logo? ^^ It's really nice and I really wanted to make one for my page. Pls do reply ^^ Kamsa.

I am so sorry for the super late reply, >

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익명 회원
Is there a problem in the theme? I can't scroll... I can't see the posts...

Hello this is Jessica~ It’s been such a long time without any updates, I’m sorry. Since we lost the constant updates of Hana this blog has been dead since her hiatus which started on June 19th. I promise I’ll find a better theme with a improved navigation page. I am also sorry if this has caused you all many problems, I’m sorry you can’t scroll down the pages, we’ll fix that asap. Thank you for your long support and we’ll get all your questions answered quickly too~